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Manufacturer of high quality pickup systems for acoustic guitars, double basses and drums.

B-Band is original. When outdated piezo crystal technologies have been mutated in countless ways, and extra hardware expanded to make the acoustic instrument to sound "more real", B-Band Ltd has concentrated its efforts in a different direction. B-Band Ltd has developed an unique and innovative transducer material, and manufacturing technology that produces a pickup that more efficiently replicates the natural sound of any instrument.

The material is a permanently charged film with microscopic gas bubbles trapped inside and produces signal in a completely different way than other materials used for pickups. As vibrations are fed to the pickup they pass without multiplying the output signal but with a very wide frequency response and dynamic range resulting in a more natural reproduction of the instrument's sound with none of the dynamic problems that other materials impart. Even when hitting the strings hard the sound will remain clear and free of synthetic tone. When playing softly all the subtle dynamics and nuances of the performance will be heard. Also the pickup has a natural resistance to feedback that enables performances in loud environments.

B-Band transducer systems, in their simplicity, do not color the tone and are so unobtrusive that they do not spoil the natural uniqueness of your instrument.


B-Band Ltd has sustained a high profile within the music transducer industry. Fundamental to this success are the endeavors and hard work of many, and for B-Band to intuitively rise to the commitment of a mission that is continually set by customer expectations. B-Band's team determination focuses on continuous innovation and the upgrade of quality. B-Band believes that for their customer to succeed, B-Band needs to go beyond what their customer expects.

Band Ltd was originally founded in 1991. The starting point of the company's new business in 1995 was the introduction of the proprietary Emfit® material, the invention of the well-known Finnish inventor Kari Kirjavainen. Lasse Räisänen, an associate of Kari, and Lasse's brother Heikki Räisänen, founder and director of B-Band Ltd, nurtured Kari's idea - that the Emfit material can make an excellent transducer of acoustic instruments. That idea was realized and continues to be a source of new inspirations for the articulation of amplified acoustic sound. Emfit is used in every B-Band transducer.

B-Band cares what the performer, luthier, guitar tech, dealer, distributor and musical instrument maker want. They know that their customers not only do business for profit but, more importantly, to be recognized as a leader by using or distributing a great sounding, quality product.

We at B-Band are honestly determined to help you reach your audience, and customers, through quality and innovation.

Technology With Spirit

The outstanding sound reproduction of the B-Band transducer is based on the technology of a novel, worldwide-patented high-tech electret film exclusive to B-Band and is manufactured in the spirit of true acoustic instrument aficionados.

This film is very different from piezo-electric films and transducers and is entirely unique in the industry. How is it different? We could go into a long discussion about the technical aspects, like the "microscopic lens-like gas bubbles"â„¢ inside the permanently charged film but the most important difference is the sound. Whereas piezo pickups tend to impart a sound of their own (often described as "quacky" or "plastic"), B-Band transducers act in much the same way a condenser microphone does. This results in excellent reproduction of your acoustic guitar's unique sound.

Heikki Räisänen
Managing director,
B-Band Ltd