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Acoustic Guitar Pickup Systems

B-Band A2

The B-Band A2 is a high class end- pin preamp; first class in sound and versatility. Through name and revision changes over the years, the classic A2 has endured and provided an important link between artists and their audience.

The A2 is ultimate in design for those who want to keep their instrument original with minimal intrusion. The flexible dual input preamp offers several pickup and mic configureations and coupled with the sophisticated HZZLess electronics reproduce all the instrument’s nuances.

The premaps input channel 1 will accept either the UST or AST pickup. Input channel 2 can be configured to accept an AST, or the B-Band AG-MIC soundhole condenser micro- phone or a magnetic pickup. Separate output channels, accessed with the use of a standard stereo cable give the user control of the two sources at a mixer or preamp.

Inside the A2 is a matrix of four DIP-switches that determine specialties. At channel 1 there is a switch for enabling a unique contour filter for upper register tone enhancement. For channel 2 there are DIP-switches to turn on bias voltage for the AG-MIC, to turn on a high-pass filter for microphone feedback reduction and to lower the gain from 24 dB down to 0 dB.

The A2 package includes all mountiing hardware, box-tight battery holder and wire harness.

Pickups sold separately (22R or 29R and 1470 or AG-Mic)

A2 (2009 upgrade) Features:

  • Dual input and output channels: Channel 1 - UST or AST, Channel 2 - AST or sound-hole condenser microphone or magnetic pickup
  • HZZLess circuit with low noise and high output
  • Box- Tight battery holder