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Acoustic Guitar Pickup Systems

T65 XOM 3-band EQ with Tuner

The knockout flagship of the T-series range is the new B-Band T65 sidemount preamp.

The T65 features the XOM two input HZZLess circuit with a slider mix control for use with B-Band UST and AST pickups that provides optimum tone.

There is a precision, fully chromatic back-lit LCD tuner that has a fast response and a wide range that works well with standards or any alternative tunings - great for 12-string guitars too! The tuner has an ON/OFF switch at the preamp faceplate and when ON it muter the output. The tuner is even available when the guitar is not plugged in.

Other features include a 3-band rotary EQ and, for feedback control, a notch control and phase button.

The T65 XOM preamp is smallish and all in a one-piece, drop-in format for fast and easy installation. The active preamp is 9-volt battery powered.

Note! T65 and all T- series preamps are for manufactures (OEM) only. Not a distributed packaged consumer item.

T65 Features

  • Small all-in-one construction for fast and easy installation
  • XOM circuit with dual inputs for UST and AST pickups
  • Fully chromatic back-lit tuner - even works when the guitar is not plugged in
  • 3-band EQ
  • Feedback notch and phase control
  • 9-volt operation
  • LED low battery and "blink" switch-on status
  • Battery holder and output jack included

T65 Specifications

  • Cut-hole size (W X H): 55mm X 50 mm (2.16"  X 1.96")
  • Overall size (W X H X L) 66mm X 44mm X 59mm (2.59" X 1.73" X 2.32")