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Ben Yeo"Extremely well-designed mics! They're very dependable and they capture the sound of my drums with tremendous clarity. The tone options available in the preamp are easily accessible and adjustable. This is an excellent solution for live and studio settings. What's more? There's no more bleed!

Absolutely marvellous!!"

- Ben Yeo

"The UKKO system has really changed the way I view mic'ing a drumkit. Sonically, I get a clear, punchy, and extremely consistent sound out of all of my drums. Aesthetically, the small pre-amp unit keeps the look of the whole kit clean. No cross-talk, no bleed, no holes to drill, no special cases... the UKKO system is a well-designed, effective way to mic your kit and other percussion instruments live and in the studio.

I love it!"

- Christopher Allis

"B-Band Ukko mics... are the perfect solution for my accessory foot percussion instruments. Sacrificing isolation and clarity... because of "bleed" no longer a problem for me. Plus, the sound quality is GREAT!!!

Cheers B-Band."

- Derek Roddy

"My chromatic piccolo tom bank provides unique mic'ing problems in loud, live conditions. individual close-mic'ing from above is impossible because of the drumstick path over the clustering of the setup. Mic'ing from below is not as desirable sound-wise and still has leakage problems. With the B-Band contact mic's I have a solution that is clean and effective. With the individual preamps it is possible to cater to the extreme range of the individual notes that the drums are tuned to."

- Terry Bozzio

"UKKO mics are key in getting my sound, live and in the studio. they are versatile, pure, and reliable. they also get rid of the need for stands and give your drum set a clean appearance. i generally go for a classic, vintage sound, the the UKKO's replicate the exact sound of my drums.


- Steven Nistor