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David Levitt"“I use the b-band pickup system in my old guild f-30 and it has more clarity and warmth than any modern guitar system I've tried by far.....being able to blend the under saddle pu and the mic-strip pu really allows you to dial in the sound of your guitar and even adjust subtly night in-night out, depending on the different sounds of concert halls across the land....if you want your guitar to sound like a guitar and not like a cold piezo rendition of one, than you should try the b-band system....”"

- David Levita (Alanis Morissette)

"I have B-Band in all my acoustic guitars, that's all I use. There is nothing like it, it's the best. My sound is blaring through the monitors and there is no feedback, they're great."

- George Pajon Jr.,

"It's very natural, musical and dynamic."

- Laurence Juber

"I was amazed at the warm, rounded tone. It wasn't the usual thin, tiny sound of a piezo pickup."

- John Rzeznik, Goo Goo Dolls

"My B-Band system captures all the dynamics and delicate nuance of a superb microphone sitting in front of my acoustic guitar. It produces a faithful acoustic tone without the harshness or electric "sizzle" of my prior systems."

- Tim Pierce, Studio Guitarist

"When you wanna hear your heart...
use a stethoscope.
When you wanna feel your heart...
Put your hand on your chest.
When you wanna hear & feel the heart of your guitar
Put your hands on a guitar with B-Band."

Q: What do Kurt Cobain, Steve Lukather, Jennifer Batten, Rick Rubin, Peter Collins, Toby Wright, System of a Down, Audioslave and Ufo all have in common?
A: Set-up & Sonic channeling of Walter Rice III

- Walter Rice

"This is the best pickup I've ever heard"

Guitarist and vocalist Richard Starkey has long been considered one of the best lead and flatpicking guitar players in the Northeast. He has entertained audiences with his versatility and musicianship for more than 25 years. A winner of several awards for his picking and vocals, Richard plays solo, duo, and with an assortment of Country and Bluegrass groups

- Richard Starkey

I'm both a full-time luthier and professional guitarst. I've tried just about every system that's come out over the last 20 years, and nothing comes close to a B-Band. I recently did a recording session where I plugged my guitar straight into the board (one of my OM's with an A1 and UST) to record a "scratch track", which we would then replace later with mic'ed track. But when we played the track back, the engineer was dumbfounded - he saw no reason to replace the track, the sound was so good and realistic.

I didn't think a pickup system could get any better, but now B-Band has introduced their 1470 AST pickup. The A2/UST/AST combination allows me to get that little bit of "air" in the sound that a mic gives, but without the feedback and noise problems associated with internal mics. It's just an astonishing sound, and being able to separately EQ and mix the two pickups gives me tremendous flexibility in tayloring the sound.

My clients have consistently raved about the B-Band systems I've installed, and have often commented that the sound and personality of the instrument actually comes through amplified. That's high praise indeed, and I heartily agree. I'll do anything to satisfy a client, and that includes installing any electronic system they desire. But when asked to install any other brand, I always insist that they at least try a B-Band first. It never fails - they always end up keeping the B-Band.

- Mike Doolin, Doolin Guitars

"The first time I ever plugged in my guitar with its new B-Band pickup system, the studio engineer ripped off his headphones and said "That's a recordable sound". I love this pickup"

- Steve Trovato,

"These are great pickups. What more can I say? I have installed hundreds of pickups, of all flavors, and the B-Bands are: the easiest installation, the best balance between strings, and the individual tone of the instrument actually comes through the amp. My guitars do not come with a pickup installed. I always leave that decision up to the customer.

Everyone has a different "dream sound" in their head, and everyone has a different playing situation.

But when they ask my opinion, I say the B-Bands are the only pickups that I keep in stock. I believe you get more for your dollar."

- Kent Everett, Everett Guitars

"The first time I heard a B-Band A1 and I was blown away! This is the best pickup system for acoustic guitars I have ever heard and it's easy to install. This is definitely the pickup line you want to carry."

- Scott Caudill, Moms Music, Madison Indiana

"I just got done doing the install, and I have to agree, it's the best plugged in sound I've ever heard. I'd say it sounds like a good mic but actually it's better than that in a live situation because you don't have all of the problems associated with the mic. I think this is an incredibly good combination and I'd be surprised if a lot of people don't agree. I have listened to a lot of live acoustic guitars and nothing I've heard yet sounds this good."

- Adam Bailey, Bailey Amplifiers, Austin, TX

"I am a builder of custom acoustic steel string guitars. My clients have always been very loyal to me, giving me quite a bit of repeat business, and sending along quite a bit of "word-of-mouth" business. Over the years I have installed many different kinds and brands of transducers with mixed success. I recently began using B-Band and the sound difference is remarkable... the most lively, responsive, and accurate that I have ever experienced. My customers can't believe what they're hearing. Infact, I'm removing two systems (another brand) that I installed for previously happy customers to install B-Band in their place. Words are not quite enough... it's all about sound and that's where B-Band makes the difference. I strive for innovation and excellence in my work; you have acheived it in yours. Thanks!"

- W. T. Johnson, W. T. Johnson Guitars, Oswego, NY

Review Quotes

"...even on its own, the UST pickup sounds more "acoustic" than your standard piezo-equipped electr... There's still sparkle if you want it, but the attack is softer, seemingly with less edge and the real eye-opener is when you bring in some guitars for comparison... Hopefully we'll see them installed as OEM fitments on more companies' guitars in the future. It would certainly improve a great number of electros we could mention."

- Mick Taylor, Guitar Buyer 12/03, issue 28

"I plugged the guitar into Tech 21 Bronzewood 60 acoustic amp and the results were dazzling. The sound that streamed from my amp was remarkably similar to the natural tone produced by the guitar-full, balanced and not the least bit harsh... Even with the treble cranked, the sound never had that harsh tone associated with piezos. If you have a problem with the sound of piezo pickups, why buy one and then try to fix its sound with EQ and effects? Look into B-Band's line of products-you won't "B" sorry."

- Jeff Colchamiro, Guitar World Acoustic #58

"When I played both arco and pizz, the body pickup filled the room with warm fundamentals and amazingly natural tone. Staffers remarked that it didn't sound like a pickup. It sounded like the bass, only a lot louder-high praise indeed for an acoustic pickup."

- Greg Olwell, Bass Player Magazine January 2002

"I was impressed with the pickup's wide dynamic range. For both fingerpicking and strumming, it captured the guitar's volume without compressing the tone or sounding artificial."

- Teja Gerken, Acoustic Guitar September 2001

"With prices that stack up favorably against most piezoelectric and hybrid systems, these exciting new pickups merit investigation by acoustic players who find that piezos sound too harsh or too thin."

- Joe Gore, Guitar Player magazine May 1999

"The difference between the B-Band's EMFi electret film and piezo-electric materials is quite significant."

- Craig White, Australian Guitar #19