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Acoustic Guitar Pickups

B-Band guitar pickup systems provide great sound and will work with any steel or nylon stringed acoustic guitar, or adapted to similar instruments. Guitar World Acoustic magazine (US) says " always sounded warm, natural and - there's no other word for it - acoustic". Systems are available in different pickup and preamp formats to provide for instrument compatability and ease of use.

Double-Bass Pickups

B-Band double bass systems are like no other. Bass Player magazine (US) awarded their Editor's Top Tone prize, saying "amazingly natural tone"...."natural feedback-free tone for both arco and pizzicato". Quick and unintrusive installation.

UKKO Drum Contact Mics

UKKO contact microphones for snare, tom and kick drums will change the way you think about miking drums. Drummer magazine (UK) says "These mics give a very clear and isolated sound; they really do cut through". Easy and quick installation. Unintrusive mounting for quick kit set-ups.