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Acoustic Guitar Pickup Systems

T10 2-band EQ


The T10 single input sidemount preamp is physically smaller than the T24 and is excellent for small body instruments.T10 features a volume and 2-band EQ on rotary pots, phase button and has an all-in-one drop-in construction installation. The active preamp is 9-volt battery powered, has a low battery and "blink" ON Led and has the...

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T35 3-Band EQ with Tuner


With wide acceptance of the B-Band model A3T guitar preamp, found in many well-known guitar brands, B-Band comes-through with a cost effective model T35 that bends with the economic trends. Originally released in winter 2008 as a manufactures specific product only.The T35 is a single input preamp, with an LCD / LED chromatic tuner...

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T55 4-band EQ with tuner


The T55 is the same size, and has most of the same great features of the T65 but with a 4-band EQ and a single input for one pickupThe T55 sidemount preamp features include the HZZLess circuit, a 4-band rotart EQ and, a notch control and phase buttonThe tuner is fully chromatic with a back-lit LCD readout and has a fast...

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T65 XOM 3-band EQ with Tuner


The knockout flagship of the T-series range is the new B-Band T65 sidemount preamp.The T65 features the XOM two input HZZLess circuit with a slider mix control for use with B-Band UST and AST pickups that provides optimum tone.There is a precision, fully chromatic back-lit LCD tuner that has a fast response and a wide range that...

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