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Acoustic Guitar Pickup Systems

B-Band guitar pickup systems provide great sound and will work with any steel or nylon stringed acoustic guitar, or adapted to similar instruments. Guitar systems are available in different pickup and preamp formats to provide the user with instrument compatability and ease of use. Models inculde onboard and sidemount, EQ and non - EQ, single or dual input preamps, single and dual pickups - whatever works best for your performance situation.

Ultimate Preamp technology


The HZZLessâ„¢ preamp circuit is a special design that not only reduces signal noise but, because it integrates with B-Band pickups more closely, it also increases the signal output. All B-Band pickups are made with the relatively new invention Emfit film. The pickups have special properties and now the B-Band developers have to come up with a way to harness those special specifications into a higher and cleaner output that can be better used by everyday professional sound electronics.

The results are a respectable 6dB higher signal output with a 9dB reduction in signal noise. The user will find how easy the new louder volume will fit with their equipment and will be knocked out by the huge tone that is produced. Clean and loud!

All currently produced B-Band guitar preamps have the HZZLess circuit.

XOM Circuit

The XOM (Cross Over Mix) system combines the best aspects of  the UST undersaddle and AST soundboard pickups into one complete source. By sensing the guitar from two separate locations and combining what each pickup does best, the XOM system has a very rich and complex sound that further augments the already superior sounding Emfit film pickups.

The ideal process for authentic acoustic sound comes from combining the high frequencies of the AST and the low frequencies of the UST, making a sound that is much more complex, true and pure. In addition, the XOM pan pot allows the player to select between UST / AST mix and the UST alone or one of the many possibilities in-between for unlimited possibilities.

The player will find the XOM to be an amazingly flexible sound manager resulting in an elegant transparent tone at any performance level. The XOM is featured in the A2.2 and A6T preamps.