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Double-Bass Pickup Systems

D1-DoubleBassThe D1 System

B-Band double bass systems have been awarded the Bass Player’s magazine Editor’s Top Tone Award (January 2002), it is the only system that offers the greatest sonic possibilities for both pizzicato and arco styles.

The D1 system’s sound is warm, tight, and dynamic and has plenty of headroom to play your instrument loud!

The D1 double bass has been developed in close coordination with technicians and artists. The D1 system includes a simple and unobtrusive active preamp that is an all-in-one construction with the 1/4”output jack. This attaches easily onto the two middle strings between the bridge and tailpiece. The 9-volt battery clip simply attaches to the tailpiece with Velcro. Full Details

The B-Band Statement System Model STM-SYS

After manufacturing the Statement (STM-SYS) double bass system for 10 years B-Band have stopped production of this model. Full details of this discontinued model are not available.