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Acoustic Guitar Pickup Systems

B-Band A1.2 with volume control

The A1.2 is the little brother of the “now classic” B-Band Core / A2 preamps and is big on classic B-Band sound. The single input A1.2 has a direct frequency response with 24 dB of gain making a perfect fit with the B-Band UST (not included)

The A1.2 comes with a volume control that simply mounts at the inside edge of the sound hole with adhesive. The 9-volt battery powered electronics are mounted in a small tube that is directly coupled with a high quality endpin jack making an all-in-one structure.

The structure is light in mass adding very little weight to the instrument. The A1.2 kit includes all mounting hardware, boxtight battery holder and wire harness.

Pickup sold separately (22R, 29R or 1470)

A1.2 Features:

  • Volume control mounted at the soundhole
  • A1.2 can use either UST or AST (sold separately)
  • HZZLess low noise / high output circuit
  • High quality endpin output jack
  • Box-Tight battery holder
  • 750 hours average battery life
  • 9-volt phantom power option