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Acoustic Guitar Pickup Systems

U 1.3T

The B-Band U1.3T sidemount single input preamp with fully chromatic tuner has smallish dimensions to fit at the side of most any ukulele. The preamp also features rotary controls for volume and tone, Tuner ON button and low battery LED. The preamp is one-piece, drop-in installation format. The active preamp is powered by two, 3-volt, cointype, (6-volts total) batteries.

U1.3T Features

  • Fully chromatic tuner
  • Tuner ON button also mutes output signal
  • Tuner works even when the ukulele is not plugged in
  • One-piece, drop-in format for easy installation
  • Volume and tone rotary controls
  • Powered by two, 3-volt, cointype batteries
  • HZZLess low-noise / high output circuit
  • Battery holder and output jack included

U1.3T Specifications

  • Cut-hole size (W X H): 38mm X 33,8 mm (1.496"  X 1.330")
  • Overall size (W X H X L) 44mm X 30mm X 42mm (1.73" X 1.18" X 1.65")