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Acoustic Guitar Pickup Systems

B-Band A6T - 3-band XOM EQ with Tuner

The new A6T is based on the now popular A5T but has an extra bonus of second XOM input channel for the AST pickup. The A6T with the XOM mix of UST and AST pickups, and the HZZless circuit, delivers massive sound that only gets bigger live on stage or in the studio. Features include a fast and rock solid chromatic tuner that is equally at home with 12 or 6-string guitars as well as alternative tunings. Slider controls that include the XOM mix; volume and a 3-band EQ that co-exist with rotary feedback controls, push-button phase control, and battery function LED

Pickups sold separately (22R or 29R and 1470)

A6T Features:

  • Fully chromatic tuner with wide range and fast response
  • Dual input with XOM (for UST and AST pickups)
  • HZZLess low noise / high output circuit
  • 3-band EQ
  • Notch Depth and Frequency control