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UKKO By B-Band


The A5T features a slider 4-band EQ and volume control, notch filter and frequency rotary controls, phase button, low battery LED, and full range chromatic tuner. The fully chromatic tuner has an LED strip that shows the note and individual LED’s showing the half step, sharp, flat, and in-tune. The tuner is fast and responsive and will tune to a full step down from standard and is great for open tunings and also 12-string guitars. 9-volt battery powered HZZLess circuit.

Pickup sold separately (22R, 29R or 1470)

A5T Features:

  • Fully chromatic tuner with wide range and fast response
  • Single input (for UST or AST pickup)
  • HZZLess low noise / high output circuit
  • 4-band EQ - A5T
  • Notch Depth and Frequency control