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Acoustic Guitar Pickup Systems

B-Band 29R Under Saddle Transducer (UST) for wide saddle slots

“RIBBED” UST PICKUP The B-Band R series UST (Under Saddle Transducer) is the finest pickup choice for acoustic steel or nylon string guitars. The unique Emfit® film material used exclusively in every B-Band pickup has proven to be unsurpassed in delivering absolute acoustic tone and the individual characteristics of the instrument.

The R series UST pickup has unparalleled sound quality and a very robust ribbed structure for durability. The pickup is physically ultra thin and flexible making for easy installs usually without modifications to the saddle or saddle slot. The ribbed construction also enhances string balance for quicker installations.

B-Band UST pickups are so thin and lightweight they do not interfere with the string’s signals passing through the saddle and bridge retaining the original acoustic sound and voice of the instrument.

The UST construction is a long and consistent structure that ends with a socket-type connector for an easy and quick plug-in fitting to a B-Band preamp, without any soldering.

UST Models and Specifications:

  • For use with steel and nylon stringed guitars

Model 29R UST

  • Saddle width: 3.0 mm (.118” (1/8”) or more
  • Active area: 80mm / 3”
  • Overall length: 330mm / 13”