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UKKO By B-Band

UKKO-T Tom Drum Contact Mic and Preamp

The B-Band UKKO* drum contact mic and preamp for toms is a remarkable new way to get a great sound from your drum consistently, conveniently, and with superior isolation. The system consists of the UKKO preamp, built with high-quality class-A electronics and the UKKO contact mic for suberb tone. The UKKO-T will work with any size rack or floor tom.

B-Band UKKO designers have gone to great depths to engineer a mic system that sounds great and is able to blens-in with the drum kit for ease-of-use. In keeping with the B-Band philosophy, UKKO is very lightweight and does not add any noticeable weight to the drum. UKKO is unobtrusive and gives your kit a sleek look without getting in the way when performing. Yet, even with these values, the UKKO contact mic is very durable and robust, and will endure rigorous touring.

The UKKO contact mic is produced with the same exclusive EMFIT material that is used in all B-Band pickups and contact mics for acoustic instruments. Critically acclaimed and world-renowned, B-Band pickups and contact mics deliver absolute acoustic sound.

The UKKO contact mic has an adhesive back and mounts easily and discreetly on the inside of the drum shell near the batter head. The "lead" wire is simply fed through the drum air hole to the preamp.

The UKKO preamp is very compact in size, is chrome colored to match most drum hardware, has a XLR mic output, and is 48-volt phantom powered (phantom power can be provided from most PA mixers). Two mounting options are supplied with tom kit and no modifications to the drum are needed for installation.

The UKKO preamp can be mounted at the air hole of the drum and is especially highly designed to not interrupt the flow of air as the drum breathes. The low size profile means that the drum can still be stowed in a case without removing the preamp. Alternatively, there is a robust rim clamp included for mounting the preamp at the rim.

Inside the preamp there are two mini switches that contour the sound for a choice of tone. Inside the tom preamp one switch controls a -6dB Mid Cut at 1 kHz and the other +6dB High Boost at 5 kHz.

(* Patented, patents pending)

UKKO Contact Mic and Preamp Features:

  • Superior isolation of each drum with no bleed from other drums
  • Mounts to drum without modification
  • Reduces the need for audio gate effects
  • Ultra-quick setups
  • Ready to go! There is no need to position mics or mic stands, just plug a standard XLR cable into the preamp and it's ready
  • The drum set will have a very clean look without the clutter of mics and stands

UKKO Tom Preamp Specifications:

  • Frequency response: 22 Hz - 35 kHz (-3 dB)
  • Phantom power required: phantom powered 12 - 50-volt
  • Output impedance: 200 ohm balanced
  • Weight: 52 g. / 74g. with rim mount
  • Dimensions:
  • 76 mm (3.00") / 48 mm (1.90") / 40 mm (1.60")
  • With rim mount: 102 mm (4.00") / 48 mm (1.90") / 66 mm (2.60")

Order Code

  • UKKO-T (kit includes 1 pcs UKKO DMT tom preamp and mounting hardware, 1 pcs UKKO contact mic)
  • UKKO-PACK (5-piece kit includes UKKO-S x 1; UKKO-K x 1; UKKO-T x 3)