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Th unique Crescent preamp series delivers the outstanding B-Band sound in a new design. 4 new soundhole preamps, including one with a USB (!) interface, for acoustic guitar and ukulele.

The B-Band Crescent preamp series has a crescent shape that fits to the shape of the instruments round soundhole. The controls of the preamp are on the crescent shape and can be accessed by fingertips. The preamp is mounted to the top of the instrument inside the soundhole. The preamp's body is made of plastic. The preamp is secured to the instrument with double-sided adhesive.

The B-Band Crescent series includes four models: three for acoustic guitar and one model for ukulele.

The Crescent 1 model has one input for either a B-Band UST undersaddle or AST soundboard pickup. The controls include volume, bass and treble controls, phase button and low battery LED that also acts as a "flash" ON indicator. Power is supplied by a 9-volt battery.

The B-Band Crescent 2 XOM (cross-over-mix) model has two inputs for UST and AST pickups. The XOM circuit achives the highest possible quality in acoustic sound. Controls include volume; XOM blend control, UST and AST input gain controls, phase button and low battery / "flash" ON indicator LED. 9-volt battery powered.

The Crescent U model has the same great features as the Crescent 2 but with the addition of a USB interface for digital audio workstations. Compatable with all fomats. 9-volt battery powered.

The B-Band Crescent model -Little C- is the "honey-I-shrunk-the-kids" model- same shape but smaller to fit ukulele. Features include volume and tone controls, and a low battery / ON indicator LED. Powered by two, 3-volt, coin-type batteries.

All models come complete with mounting hardware, battery holder, output jack and installation instructions.

Delivery time and price to be announced.

All products and product specifications subject to change without prior notice.