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New Guitar and Double Bass Pickup Updates for 2008 | Important pickup design updates that you should know about!

22R and 29R UST Undersaddle Pickups. The "R" (Ribbed) series UST pickups were introduced in 2007. For 2008 we have made a small improvement by making the end of the pickup rounded to fit saddle cavities better. Shipping now!

1470 AST Soundboard Pickup

1470 AST Soundboard Pickup. For 2008 the 1470 AST pickup has had the corners rounded-off. The rounded corners make it easier for the AST to fit in tighter places, for example, where the bracing near the bridge plate is too close. Shipping now!

D1 Double Bass Pickup. We have done a major design overhaul for the D1 pickups. The new model pickup is a durable all-one piece from the pickup to the preamp connector. Shipping now!

D1 Double Bass Pickup