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2010 New Product Preview 1

B-Band Previews New Guitar Preamps

With wide acceptance of the trendy, cost-effective B-Band model T35 acoustic guitar preamp, now found in many well-known guitar brands, B-Band comes along with a new range of guitar preamps with the same T35 genetics and exclusive B-Band HzzLessâ„¢ circuit.


The T10 single input preamp has a smaller footprint than the T35, 2-band EQ, phase button and is similar in T35 construction with a one-piece, drop-in installation form.


T55 is a single input preamp with larger dimensions than the T35, LCD chromatic tuner, 4-band EQ, notch control, phase button and a one-piece, drop-in installation format.


The knockout flagship of the range is the B-Band T65. The T65 is equipped with the XOMâ„¢ two input circuit for use with B-Band UST and AST pickups, LCD chromatic tuner, 3-band EQ, XOM mix control, notch control and phase button. The preamp is in a one-piece, drop-in installation format.

Product price and availability to be announced later.

Note! T- series preamps are offered to manufactures (OEM) only. Not a packaged consumer item.