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News - 2007

Terry Bozzio Endorses B-Band DM Drum Contact Mics

Legendary drummer Terry Bozzio (Korn; Zappa Plays Zappa; Frank Zappa; Missing Persons and more) has taken the B-Band DM drum contact mics on the road.

Terry says: "I've been searching for a solution to the problem of mic'ing my chromatic bank of piccolo toms in a loud rock band situation for years now, these B-Band contact mic's are the answer!"

"My chromatic piccolo tom bank provides unique mic'ing problems in loud, live conditions. Individual close-mic'ing from above is impossible because of the drumstick path over the clustering of the setup. Mic'ing from below is not as desirable sound-wise and still has leakage problems.

"With the b-band contact mic's I have a solution that is clean and effective. With the individual preamps it is possible to cater to the extreme range of the individual notes that the drums are tuned to.